I guide women going through their mid life journey to cope with challenges that come with significant life changes. I strive to help them define their purpose for the next stage of their lives.

I am Yoana Nin, Certified Empowerment Life Coach. I’ve been in your shoes. I understand how hard it is to rise again, to do it on your terms, especially with all these mid life changes.

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If you just want to step up your game, find your calling and build a new life, filled with joy and abundance, I get you!

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I had a big awakening myself, when my life changed completely and forced me to change my perspective and start from scratch..



In 2011, tragedy hit. Like the first loss in 2010 was not enough, our family experienced a second miscarriage that led to losing half of my blood and nearly dying.


Felt like the world was ending

Same year of 2011, our small business went through hardship, and we were left with $350 to survive


From working at Trader Joe’s

Fun fact: did you know that they can reject you for being ” overqualified”? I was staring at that rejection paper, while my sadness, desperation and anxiety levels were at an all time peak.


I felt Ashamed

I came to America after winning the Green Card Lottery in 2005, and was told over and over again that I was not going to last in this country! Up to 2011, me and my husband had worked hard to build a new life, a new identity, but the tragedies and hardship never seemed to leave our site. All I ever dreamed of was to live a life that I was proud of, while serving others and making a change in their lives. But after so much trauma, I was doubting everything, I was confused, sad, and had no clue where to start and why I should even bother to fight.



My vision is to empower you and millions of business women to break free from harmful beliefs that are causing them to be stuck in a moment where love, joy and abundance are not entering their lives. I aspire to give you the tools to live the life on your terms.



My vision is to empower you and millions of business women to break free from harmful beliefs that are causing them to be stuck in a moment where love, joy and abundance are not entering their lives. I aspire to give you the tools to live the life on your terms.
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Now let’s look at my childhood,

where it all began..

I grew up in communist Romania. I was always dreaming of going to America, the land of all possibilities!

I was a rebel in a petite body, with big blue eyes and BIG dreams. I grew up surrounded by the discipline that my father instilled in me, working as a colonel in the police. My mom was a teacher, so her love for education and books created the avid reader that I am today, and my quest for consistent, personal growth. I was always passionate about human character, so in 2002 I graduated with a BFA from the prestigious Academy of Theatrical Arts in Targu-Mures. I owe my communication skills, the understanding of self awareness and my open mind to those intense 4 years, surrounded by very creative people. Fast forward 2004, I married the love of my life and had a successful acting career. But I didn’t feel like I had found my real meaning in life. And the Universe listened. I was one of the lucky winners of the Green Card Lottery that led me to my dream land, America.

Moving to Los Angeles taught me more than any books could have.

I was a hustler. I was hungry to adapt. I opened my mind to new adventures, which led to working with some of the biggest actors in the Hollywood industry. I developed gratitude for the smallest check, the smallest job, I mastered my anxiety of not finding a new gig every day, I started practicing breathing and meditation which were very new concepts for me at the time. Through all the hardship, I always found a way to break through. I owe my life to the lessons learned in a new country, without any support. These lessons taught me how to become successful, wealthy( and rich!) and build the path I envisioned.
Let me share everything I have learned with you!

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Let me share everything I have learned with you.

My vision is to empower you and millions of people to break free from harmful beliefs that are causing them to NOT BE PRESENT, but dwell in the past. I aspire to share great energy with the world, and to guide millions of people towards finding their voice, their strength and their WHY.

I can’t save you.

But I can guide you to
knowing the steps
you need to take
to save your life...


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