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who is yoana nin

Who am I?

​​My motto in life is: I’m the only person who can put this situation to order, so I might as well do it.

Before sharing who I am, let me share with you who I am not: I am not broken. I am not disconnected from myself, and I am not trying to fulfill roles in order to please other people. I am not a fake human. I am not trying to skin people off their money, and promise them the impossible. I am not for everybody. I am not a pussy. I am not giving up on you or anyone else until I know in my heart that I am able to put a genuine smile on your face, and make you feel alive. Read that again: I am NOT giving up on you, because you can be yourself and be accepted right this moment, you just need to acknowledge your power and strength.

So who am I?

Am I successful? Yes! Does success have everything to do with money? No! Do I have money? Yes! How much money? Enough to employ others, to serve the ones in need and to live as I please, with peace of mind. Enough to enjoy time with my two children and my amazing husband, and to afford to travel for months to Europe, and see my family …

Do I run a business? Yes, I am the CEO and Founder of The Prosperous Agency, a very cool, multiple award winner real estate company based in Cary, North Carolina. I have built this company from scratch, after tragedy hit our family, and we were left with $350 in our account.

I am also the founder of Yoana Nin Coaching, where I am on a mission to empower millions of women just like you, and to guide them to step into the best new chapter of their lives, after hitting rock bottom and not knowing which way to move forward.

What makes me qualified

What makes me qualified to stand in front of you and tell you I can help you?

I was there. I understand your feelings. I lost my income, had a heartbreaking miscarriage at 5 months, lost my house… all within 6 months. A lot of people would have lost it completely. I did not give up on myself, and I knew there was a way out.
Not only did I bounce back, but in my first year in real estate, not knowing anyone, in a brand new city and state, I made 100k, and then created a company that sold millions of dollars in real estate, and is still one of the top companies in North Carolina. So I know what it takes to come back to live, and fight for survival.. in style, baby!

Speaking about style, I am the author of two books that talk about my story, and also speak about my soul: Journey to Inner Joy and Success in Real Estate & Love Me or Not, Say it To My face and Drop the f******* phone. Let me know if you’d like a copy, I’d be more than happy to send it your way!

Along with my lifelong work and dedication to my clients, I had the honor of graduating from Jay Shetty’s life coaching program. As a bestselling author and award-winning podcast host, Jay’s life-changing program is where I learned how to use my skills and my gifts to serve others, and to help them find the strength to move forward, no matter what life throws their way.

I am honored you spent some time reading about my life and I am honored to help you.