Yoana Nin

I’m Yoana Nin, dedicated to empowering you to overcome stress, anxiety, and life’s challenges. With a focus on bravery and authenticity, I provide tools and support for those ready to transform their lives and thrive against adversity.


Life is too short! Are you ready to shift from “everyone’s against me” to thriving through adversity? If you’re ready, you need to stop living a mediocre life, and stop worrying. As a Jay Shetty certified life coach, I will guide you to develop your superhuman powers and come back to yourself, stress and anxiety free. I will give you the tools to raise your vibration, and keep the privilege of being joyful or disturbed! Start regaining control of your destiny!

Yoana’s Meetup Group

Join YOANA’S MEETUP GROUP for an inspiring journey towards mastering stress management and embracing personal growth. Led by Yoana Nin, this group offers a supportive community where members can explore effective strategies for overcoming stress, anxiety, and life’s challenges. Engage in empowering workshops, discussions, and activities designed to unlock your potential and guide you towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.



Stay inspired on-the-go with Yoana’s mini videos: Discover bite-sized wisdom and practical tips across your favorite social platforms. Yoana shares her expertise in easily digestible clips, perfect for your busy life. Follow Yoana and turn your daily scroll into a learning journey!


Embark on self-discovery with Yoana’s interactive quiz: Gain clarity on where you stand and what your next steps should be. Yoana’s self-assessment quiz is a powerful tool to help you reflect and steer your personal growth. Take the quiz on Yoana’s page and start your path to self-improvement today!